Other Family Members

Nels and Hazel

Nels Guloien and Hazel Perry, both first generation immigrants to Canada in the early 1900’s, would have been pleasantly surprised by the variety of accomplishments their offspring have pursued:

Jessica Kelsey Amlee

TV and Movie Actor

Kira Guloien

Stage Actor, Singer, Dancer

Krista Guloien

Olympic Medallist Rower, Author, Inspirational Speaker

Leah Guloien

Professional Cyclist

Marla Guloien

Singer, Composer, Fashion Designer

Paul Perry (Guloien)

Band Leader, Tenor Sax Player

PJ Perry (Guloien)

Jazz Saxophone Player, Juno Award Winner, Order of Canada Recipient, Honorary Doctor of Laws

Ted Guloien

Co-Author of a key piece of psychological research, frequently used by courts in the prosecution and sentencing of violent sexual offenders. Marathon runner. Survivor of cardiac death.

Author: A Year Ago, I Died While Running a Half-Marathon  and I Didn’t Know Richard Greidanus, But I Miss Him

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